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The Diversa Group is a strategic consulting firm founded on the philosophy of helping organizational and individual clients achieve success. "Everything is achievable with the right strategy" is our direct approach to finding success. We offer clients solutions that can be implemented, sustained and will achieve results. We offer our clients the full package of services and solutions required to succeed.


We provide businesses and public and non-profit organizations consulting, expertise, strategies and solutions to help organizations and individuals improve performance; enhance communication; elevate careers; become successful leaders; and develop and implement new entrepreneurship ideas.

The Diversa Group was founded in 1995 on the premise of combining the best professional management, educational and consulting services into a model which helps individuals and organizations succeed and give back to our clients and the community. Our mission and values are the same today as the day we launched our business.

Our Mission is Your Success. Fundamental to our success in realizing our mission are the core values we believe in, live by and practice. We believe in:

• Focused, Value Added, Client Relationships
• Creative Excellence
• Continuous Learning and Innovation
• Uncompromising Integrity



“We're a strategic consulting firm focused on helping you succeed. We look forward to meeting you and helping to define your goals and then develop implement solutions to make your dreams become reality!  The guiding principles of all our services are rooted in the four steps to achievement:

Plan Purposely, Prepare Properly,
Proceed Positively, Pursue Persistently

So what are you waiting for, let's meet today" and talk about how we can help you succeed!

Heyward Dortch, Founder

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