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Strategic Communication

If you cannot effectively communicate your product or service wont sell, your employees can't be effective, your issues will not be heard, donors will not support your cause, and your crisis will not be resolved. That is why strategic communications is so important.
Effective communication and public outreach requires effective planning and the development and implementation of the right strategy. The Diversa Group provides short and long-range strategic planning to support the client's strategic objectives. We develop strategies to advance the client's objectives, effectively address any issues, enhance communication with the target audience, and plan and shape effective messages for both domestic and international audiences. Our services include:
  • Business-to-Business Communication
  • Leadership Communication
  • Employee & Organizational Communication
  • Marketing, Branding & Positioning
  • Customer & Market Insight
  • Reputation Management
  • Crisis Communications
  • Media Training & Presentation Coaching
  • Creative Solutions
  • Website Development & Video Production
  • Opposition and Opinion Research
  • Social Media
  • Media Relations
  • Strategic Partnership & Coalition Development
Whether you are small or large organization we can help you develop and implement a communication strategy that will help you succeed. To find out more please contact us.
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